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Mark Eckart's Personal Testimony

Deb and Mark Eckart

Deb and Mark Eckart

I was raised in the first state capital of the great state of Indiana in a town called Corydon. My parents (Mr. and Mrs. Bobby and Ella Eckart) took me to church when I was three days old and I have been attending church ever since!

Like most teens I became rebellious, but by the grace of God I was converted when I was 17 in a holiness camp meeting. When I got saved it changed my whole life. After my conversion I still remember kneeling in prayer by my parents kitchen, when God spoke to me about attending Bible College.

I went to college and was sanctified in my junior year. Jesus was my Savior but now He was also my Lord. I continued walking with the Lord and eventually He called me into the ministry, even though I felt like I was unworthy to be a minister of the gospel.

At Bible College God also led me to my lovely wife, Debbie. Later God has given us three children for which we are thankful.

I have authored five books and has taught for over 30 years at the collegiate level. I have also served as a Vice-President of a college, pastored several years, preached numerous revivals, was named to National Dean’s list for academic excellence, and listed in Who’s Who in the Midwest. As an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church, he serves 75 churches as the District Superintendent in the Indiana South District and as a Trustee at Indiana Wesleyan University. 

I am grateful to God for His leadership in all areas of my life. May God be praised for all things!
Loving God and serving others,

Mark S. F. Eckart

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