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Option 1: Price: $29.99 – Tune-up kit includes 10 booklets and 10 bookmarks. This is enough material to do a small survey of your church once.

Option 2: Price: $59.99 – Tune-up kit includes 15 booklets and 15 bookmarks. This is enough material to survey your church once.

Option 3: Price: $109.99 – Tune-up kit includes 30 booklets and 15 bookmarks. This is enough material to survey your church twice. This option is recommended so you can see (measure) the progress your church is making.

A portion of proceeds will go to the ministries of the Indiana South Wesleyan District.

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Gold Star Church Book Sample Page
Gold Star Church Book Sample Page

Do you want to see your church become concerned about the things that really matter for eternity? If so, I encourage you to order a Gold Star Church tune-up kit. It is a tool I developed (with the help of the Lord) that can assist your church in refocusing, growing, and getting healthier. This year in our district we are leading 50 of our churches through this survey. It is making a positive, significant impact in our churches.

It only takes about 45 minutes to go through the 40 specific questions dealing with your Building, Unity, Intercession, Love, Display, Invite (evangelism), and Groups. For only $109.99 (including P&H) you can get enough material to do the survey twice. This means you can give the Gold Star Church once to see how you rate on a scale from one to five star(s). Then celebrate your strengths and work on your weaknesses and then in a few months give the survey again to see if your church moved up on the gold star rating.

So, for $109.99 you get 30 booklets and 15 bookmarkers. It is recommended when you give the survey give it to 15 people or so which means in the tune-up kit you will have enough material to give it twice. Also, I’m assuming the same people will take it twice therefore you get 15 bookmarkers to give the participants as well.

"In this comprehensive but yet simple approach Dr. Eckart has provided a very valuable tool for you to see if your church is being effective in ministry. I strongly encourage your leadership team to get copies of The Gold Star Church and have 15 or so people answer the key 40 questions to see where your church rates from a one to five star church. If your church rates less than a five star there is a resource guide included to help your church improve. So, if you desire to see your local church advance to glorify God and reach more for Christ then go with this book!"
Dr. Jim Garlow
Church Historian and Senior Pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church Emeritus
"I am looking forward to the "God results" of every church that uses this new helpful tool that Dr. Eckart has written called, The Gold Star Church. Not only in the Indiana South Wesleyan District but for every church that puts it to practice as well."
Dr. Jo Anne Lyon
General Superintendent Emeritus, The Wesleyan Church
"The Gold Star Church approach is leadership gold! Here is a comprehensive, easy and helpful way to measure how a local congregation is growing in Christ. Pick up this easy to read book and learn how your church can participate more robustly in God’s mission."
Bob Whitesel Ph.D.
Author, consultant and Wesley Seminary at IWU professor of missional leadership.
"The Gold Star Church is a valuable tool for church management. When we used it as a church board, each question caused us to stop and think about how effective we are being for God and our community in every area of our church life. Through group evaluation, we were able to look and address our own strengths and weaknesses. It certainly proved to be a great resource for open discussion and I highly recommend it for your church and leadership team as well!"
Rev. Doug Preston
Senior Pastor, Greensburg Wesleyan Church | Evangelism & Church Growth Chairman
"I recommend the Gold Star tune-up program. I have presented it to my pastors and executive board. Some of my pastors plan to implement the Gold Star tune-up in their church after the first of the year."
Rev. Walter Hedstrom
Conference President, Bible Methodist Connection of Churches Emeritus
"Dr. Eckart in his new book, The Gold Star Church gives us an excellent reminder of the importance of doing things right in church ministry. Too many times we have been accused of doing things that are not up to the gold standard of business enterprises. This book challenges every local church to get honest about the way they care for their facilities, greet guests and do ministry. After reading this insightful book I am once again challenged to encourage church leaders to the highest gold standard which is "my utmost for His highest!”
Dr. Stan Toler
Bestselling Author & Church Leader, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"The Gold Star Church is practical, simple to understand, workable, and covers every facet of church work. Any church and people diligently applying these concepts will surely become successful."
Rev. Bob England
Pastor of Gnaw Bone Wesleyan Church and former staff member at Kentucky Mountain Bible College
"Thanks to Dr. Eckart for his excellent Gold Star program that has challenged us in the area of discipleship. As a result of taking the Gold Star survey and seeing the results we have started Sunday, February 15th with a Church wide campaign using a book called “The Story.” It is 31 chapters long and it will take us through the last Sunday of December. I will be preaching a message on Sunday morning and then we have small groups that will be taking a more in depth look that week. As of today we have 6 small groups signed up consisting of 60 people and there is real excitement among our church family. No one is left out; it involves our children, middle school, teens, and young adults through senior adults. It is very encouraging as we have seen several new young couples sign up."
Rev. Michael Stoelting
Senior Minister, Forest Hills Wesleyan Emeritus
"Mark Eckart knows how to develop healthy churches. His new resource the Gold Star Church program is a powerful tool to help you and your church move forward in the coming year. It is easy to use, but highly productive in assisting you to grow a healthy church."
Gary L. McIntosh, Ph.D.
Writer, Speaker and Professor
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