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Gold Star Marriage Book Cover

Option 1: Price: $4.99 + $1.00 P&H – This includes one Gold Star Marriage booklets along with one bookmarker.

Option 2: Price: $8.99 + $1.50 P&H – This includes 2 Gold Star Marriage booklets along with 2 bookmarkers. This is recommended for a couple so each marriage partner will have their copy to work with.

Option 3: Price: $49.99 + $5.00 P&H – This includes 20 Gold Star Marriage booklets along with 20 bookmarkers. This is enough material for ten couples to assess their marriage.

Option 4: Price: $65.99 + $5.99 S&H – This includes 30 Gold Star Marriage booklets along with 30 bookmarkers. This is enough material for 15 couples to assess their marriage.

A portion of proceeds will go to the ministries of the Indiana South Wesleyan District.

Pricing Options
SPECIAL $1.99 Digital Download
This includes an E-copy for each downloadable copy of the Gold Star Marriage handbook (24 pages).
Gold Star Marriage Page Preview
Gold Star Marriage Page Preview
Gold Star Marriage Page Preview

Since about half of marriages end in divorce, it is important for you to pay attention to your marriage. Is it time for you to have a marriage tune-up? Let’s face it, every marriage needs a boost from time to time. These 24 questions will give your marriage a new focus and direction about how to make your marriage better!

Answer these 24 questions to help reignite that love in your marriage once again. This is a tool that you and your spouse preferably work through together, but if for some reason they won’t join you it can be done by just one person in the marriage to gain new insights to help your marriage be healthier.

These questions are designed to make a plateaued marriage soar again. Or, as indicated above, the questions can help a strong marriage to become even stronger. So, I encourage you to take about 15 to 20 minutes to give your marriage a tune-up!

"Gold Star Marriage is excellent! What a wonderful tool for married couples! Communication about the essential arenas of relational strength and intimacy creates an even stronger connection between a husband and wife."
Dr. Wayne Schmidt
General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church
"The Gold Star Marriage curriculum is filled with great questions and insights to help any marriage go to the next level. The categories touched are wide enough to provide for great conversations! Take the Gold Star Marriage challenge and enjoy some refreshing conversations with your spouse."
Rev. Chris Conrad
Regional Superintendent, West Michigan District – The Wesleyan Church
"Dr. Eckart has created a program (Gold Star Marriage) that can help many couples draw closer to one another, as well as to what God created marriage to be, if they will use the survey and exercises within the program. In this program, Dr. Eckart has encouraged couples to return to the Scriptural principles for marriage, which are the only principles that can guarantee long and successful marriages."
Dr. Jim Baize, D. Min.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
"My church recently used the Gold Star Marriage in our church. I would highly recommend this tool being used in other churches as it helped transform marriages among many couples in my congregation."
Rev. Kent Stroud
Senior Minister – North Vernon Wesleyan
"Contemporary marriages are high risk. About as many couples break their commitment as keep it. Of those who remain committed, far too many are unsatisfied and in trouble. Dr. Mark Eckart’s “marriage tune-up kit” Gold Star Marriage provides an easy-to-use powerful tool that couples can use even when overwhelmed by too many commitments and stress. Those who work through Dr. Eckart’s plan will find both greater understanding and intimacy. Thank you Dr. Eckart for providing this practical plan couples can use for regular checkups to keep their marriages in tune with God and with each other."
Rev. Richard Miles
Licensed Certified Counselor, Vice-President, God’s Bible School & College
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