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Do you ever need hope? I’m sure you would say yes because we all do! It is something we all need and can’t live without very long. The big question is, where can you find hope? I would conclude the best place to find hope is in God’s Holy Word. What I do in this devotional is take a few verses and then comment about those verses to give you hope for each day of the month. The devotionals were written to be short, practical and up-lifting. You can read these in five minutes or less daily – enjoy!

"Thanks to Dr. Mark Eckart for this thirty-day devotional, 'A Month of Hope'. In the hectic pace of our daily lives, this can prove helpful in bringing our focus on matters of eternal substance. These Scriptures, with Dr. Mark's comments, thoughts and reflections, will assist with doing that."
Dr. Ken Farmer
Managing Editor, God's Revivalist - God's Bible School and College
"This little book is a delightful dose of inspiration -- especially for those who walking through the valley. Filled with great stories and encouraging passages of Scripture, it offers great comfort, uplift, and solace for the soul."
Rev. Mark O. Wilson
Professor, Southern Wesleyan University
"I found this little book to be inspirational and instructive. I read one of the short chapters each morning as a part of my prayer and reflection time. The chapters are short and easy to read. They each include a scripture, a main point or lesson, a story to illustrate the lesson, and practical encouragement. The author's warmhearted faith and his practical nature shine through in his often homespun and down-to-earth observations."
Dr. David Wright
President, Indiana Wesleyan University
"If people ever needed hope, now is the time. Dr. Eckart’s warm-hearted reflections and scriptural insights provide a daily dose of inspiration and hope for times like this."
Dr. Mark Gorveatte
District Superintendent, Crossroads Wesleyan District
"This is a great, daily devotional that for 1 month provides a daily dose of uplifting advice and spiritual guidance."
Nicole Eckart
My Favorite Daughter-In-Law
"Please tell Dr. Mark to write more to add to this book! We have read his devotional through three times and we wish he would add to it as we have enjoyed it so much!"
Keith and Sue Lochmuller
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