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Spiritual Successes Book Cover

Spiritual Successes: Experience Excellence by Example

Spiritual Successes Book Page
Spiritual Successes Book Page

Most people have a natural desire to be successful, and that is what this book is all about. Starting from the Bible to modern day examples, you will lern from people who have had a positive impact on their own generation. There are also concepts and ideas that you should benefitfrom to enhance your journey of life.

By reading the manuscript, you will learn about numerous things like the fallacies of Calvinism, secrets of Jesus’ prayer life, and the smothering grip of legalism. Woven throughout the chapters of this book, you will find examples to follow that will certainly challenge you toward excellence in everyday living.

Dr. Eckart has been gifted by God as an effective classroom teacher, counselor, preacher, administrator and author. His latest book, Spiritual Successes, is an example of this man's good character, commitment and competence. I believe you will enjoy reading it and will be blessed by it. I commend both the book and its author to you.
Kenneth L. Powell, Ed.D.
Administrative Consultant, Educational and Human Services
Dr. Mark a diligent scholar who always seeks to filter scholarship through a ministry lens. Mark has a heart for people and for teaching them to do intelligent ministry in their day-to-day walk with Christ/ This no exception. The reader will find much to challenge and inform.
Eleanor A. Daniel, Ph.D.
Dean, Emmanuel School of Religion
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