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"Dr. Eckart has written an outstanding book dealing with the Questions of Jesus.  I highly recommend you buy a copy or several copies to use in personal or group Bible Study.  The user-friendly format he developed works great for personal devotions, Sunday School class, or mid-week Bible study.  You will not be disappointed and I strongly encourage you to purchase this one of a kind book."

Dr. Michael Avery

President - God's Bible School & College


"I’ve been utilizing your “100 Greatest Questions  Jesus Asked” in my morning devotions – it has been very thought provoking and enriching!"

Dr. Wayne Schmidt

General Superintendent of the

Wesleyan Church



The 100 Greatest Questions
Jesus Ever Asked


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“This is one of the most creative and practical Bible Studies I’ve seen in a long time. I hope you get the right marketing and exposure because you’ve obviously put a lot of time on it and it can really facilitate Bible Study. Well done!”

Senior Pastor Bob Russell, Emeritus
Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY

“I really like the idea of this new book. I am sure it can be used effectively for small groups, midweek prayer studies, Sunday School classes, and the like. It is dealing with a subject that, to my knowledge, has not been dealt with, at least not as thoroughly as you are suggesting. I encourage you to move forward with it.”
Dr. Earl L. Wilson, General Superintendent of The
Wesleyan Church, Emeritus

“Dr. Mark Eckart has it right. He takes you to the Word of God, then he makes you think about what the Bible says so that you understand its meaning. Second, he makes you think about what it means, and finally he ends up making you think about how it should apply to your life. This is the highest level of inductive Bible study, so that each person goes directly to the Bible to get the answers from God, and the Holy Spirit is able to speak to them and give them what the Bible means and says. May God use this Bible Study to change lives.”
Dr. Elmer L. Towns, Co-founder, Liberty University,
Lynchburg, Virginia

“We have used the LEAP Into Bible Study booklet in our midweek Bible study. Many of the individuals in our group have expressed appreciation for the approach that is used. It is very interesting to see the questions that Jesus asked. It gives us insight to what he really believed to be important. A very important part of the study is the application level. Our goal initially was to spend one week on each question. As we have got into the topic, sometimes we have spent two weeks on each lesson. These questions are divergent questions that usually generate much comment. I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in leading a Bible study program.”
Rev. Charles Stroud, Small Group Leader

“We at Paoli Wesleyan Church have been using the Study Question for several weeks now as a test run that Dr. Mark Eckart has put together. Our people have thoroughly enjoyed the format with the acronym LEAP. The people love to Look, Examine, Add, and Practice what Christ is teaching. The greatest teacher of all time, Jesus Christ, asked questions, and we find that studying those questions to be the greatest way to teach. Others have joined us in the study. Needless to say, our Wednesday night Bible Study has increased in attendance. We are learning the teachings of Christ and growing into His likeness."
Rev. Bob England, Assistant District Superintendent &
Senior Pastor